What is 4K Technology and Why You Should Get It

TV technology has advanced incredibly fast, with new and improved ways to watch all of your favourite films or play the latest games become more widely available every day. You’ve probably heard all about HD and 4K before but, with so many acronyms bandied about, it can become challenging to know exactly what each and every single one of them actually means.

The advent of the 4K TV has brought us better resolution and, of course, better viewing experiences. But, what is 4K technology and why should you buy a 4K TV?

What Does 4K Mean?

4K TVs have the same number of pixels as four Full HD 1080p TV screens. This means, of course, these TVs are capable of offering four times the usual level of detail, with a resolution of 3840 x 2160, which equates to more than 8 million pixels in total. And the bigger the screen (like our 52-inch TVs), the better you can appreciate the high-res, as this clarity can become a little lost in small screens.

The Benefits of a 4K TV

If you think that HD is one of the best things to happen to TVs and are only now just getting used to seeing your favourite movies and shows with such clarity, you’ll be blown away by 4K resolution! Not only is the resolution top notch and a lot clearer than you imagine, but there are also more and more films and shows available for 4K, which means that you will be able to fully enjoy amazing cinematics with a high level of detail than before.

For example, in 2014, Netflix was already streaming shows such as Breaking Bad and House of Cards (as well as a few nature documentaries), at 4K level – due to this, some TVs were able to better appreciate the fine detail in these TV shows.

The image depth in 4K TVs is also a lot higher and can sometimes be mistaken for 3D! So, it’s not just the details and the sharpness that are improved with this technology, but the extra pixels also create a deeper image that takes the experience of playing games, watching Netflix or browsing the web to the next level.

The colours also look a lot better with 4K, which is not surprising. The high number of pixels can help to render colour blends with more subtlety, so issues like stripping or blocking are nearly impossible to see.

Why Should You Buy a 4K TV?

One of the first things you must have noticed about 4K TVs is how they not only provide you with crystal-clear images the whole family can enjoy, but they are also a lot more affordable now than they used to be when they were being sold. Nowadays, you can easily get a cheap 4K TV and fully enjoy perfect pictures with the whole family!

All around, 4K TVs can offer you an immersive TV experience with pristine images that elevate 3D to new heights too. The future is to continue developing better technologies for TV, so 4K is not just a fad. Your investment in 4K will pay off and, with cinema getting increasingly better, you’ll want to watch all those amazing movies and shows with high-res!

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