Best Smart TV Apps to Take Advantage Of (Part 3)

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Your smart TV is full of amazing apps that provide hours of fun. Due to the large variety of apps, you are sure to find something you like, be it entertainment apps – as we discussed in our article Best Smart TV Apps to Take Advantage Of (Part 1) – or educations aids, as seen on the Best Smart TV Apps to Take Advantage Of (Part 2) article.

We’re now turning our attention to a few media centre, information and lifestyle apps that your smart TV has to offer, as well as why you should use them.


There are countless ways to enjoy your smart TV, including taking full advantage of the many lifestyle apps on the menu and the store. From music to fashion, there is something for everyone, so, if you aren’t using these apps, you may want to consider starting now.


How many times have you turned the TV on and left it running in the background while you did chores or went on social media? Apps like Deezer are great because you can leave the music playing without having to worry about switching to another one manually.

Deezer also offers a large number of songs from famous artists, so we’re confident you’ll find your favourites in the app! Perfect to turn your living room into a dance floor if you’re throwing a party or simply to enjoy while reading a book or unwinding from a stressful day.


This social gaming app will offer a unique streaming experience to users. You can watch live streams and chat to people around the world and watch all the content you love. There are millions of streamers providing content on Twitch, so you will never be short of fun.

From game tournaments to cooking and music streams, the app will open the door to a whole new world of content that you never thought possible.

Now TV

This app works by creating a personalised TV experience. You can choose your Passes and mix and match what you’re watching, which means you can easily start by watching stand-up comedy or a movie before moving on to a sporting event or a reality TV show episode. You decide.

This variety is great because the whole family has something they like. You can also cancel at any time, so you don’t have to get into a contract; in addition, you can also download your content to a mobile device, for example, in order to watch on the go.

Smart TV also enjoy football

Media Management Centre

While streaming has become increasingly popular in the past few years – and will continue to rise in popularity – the truth is that you don’t own the content that you’re watching. For this reason, many people prefer to keep a local collection of movies, music and photos instead.

However, it can be a challenge to sort out your collections, as well as trying to find a specific movie or photo. With a media management centre, which you can find through the app store of your smart TV, you can keep everything organised and ready to watch on your TV.


This media centre stores files and organises them automatically into a library that is easy to navigate. Files can be up and streaming in no time, from movies and podcasts to web shows, documentaries and music.

Plex scans everything automatically and adds information (and artwork) to each file, so you always know what you’re looking at and don’t have to set files up one by one. Besides smart TVS, the app can be used on iPhones, Android phones, Apple TVs, Roku, Mac, and more.


This app also brings your home videos, music and photos together. It automatically converts and streams your media, so watching your favourite content has never been easier. Finding a specific file is easy and fast, and you can even record shows on TV to watch later.

The app is available for Samsung smart TVs; we stock many Samsung models so, if you’re interested in this media management app, take a look at what we have to offer at Cheap TVs.


While many people gravitate towards the entertainment apps on their smart TV, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, and look at the news on their mobiles, it’s important to remember that your TV continues to be a huge source of information.

You can watch the latest news and the weather forecast, for example, so you can stay on top of what is happening at any given time.

BBC News

A great way to receive the latest information and to stay up-to-date with events around the world. You can watch news coverage on-demand, be aware of what’s happening in the country or in your region, and tailor your viewing experience according to the news you’re interested in receiving.


This app can be found on your Android TV and gives you access to an extensive collection of weather videos and reports. It also provides you with detailed information, such as RealFeel temperature and current weather conditions.

You can customise the app theme to match your personal preferences, from adjusting the background to tailoring the lighting. Don’t leave home without checking the app first!

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This is only a small list of the countless apps you can enjoy on your cheap smart TV. There is so much content out there that it’s impossible to watch it all! We can help you find the perfect TV for your needs, be it a cheap LED TV or a cheap 3D TV, so get in touch with our friendly team to learn more about our products.

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