Brand Review: Your Guide to Samsung

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This month, we will talk about the brand Samsung, which is one of the most popular TV brands in the market. We’ll discuss some of the products available from them, what to expect in terms of their quality, and accessories that are usually compatible with our cheap Samsung TVs.


The Future of Samsung Looks Bright

Samsung have been pioneers in TV development in recent years. Their ability to keep innovating beyond the expected has placed them at the front of the market and ensures that their loyal customers can always expect the best.

In recent years, Samsung have produced 8K TVs, QLED technology screens, and started work on making modular screen technology more affordable for domestic and commercial uses alike. For consumers looking to buy their TVs now, we have an abundance of Samsung branded cheap smart TVs with 4K definition and QLED screen technology, and we’re certainly excited to see what Samsung will create next.


Products Available from Samsung

Our graded cheap TVs mean that you can shop branded for less, and our rotational stock means that we’re always getting something new in. Here are just a few of the types of products that Samsung produces:

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Curved TVs

Curved TV screens were created to provide viewers with ultimate viewing angles. When watching a flat screen TV, the distance between your eyes and the edges of the TV will be different, but when watching on a slightly curved screen, the distance should average out to being about the same. This means that you will be able focus on the entire screen with less eye strain.

Samsung themselves have commented on the links between eye-health and the type of screen that you use. Samsung like to describe curved TV technology as a way of providing psychological comfort for viewers by offering technology that feels like it is ‘hugging the eye’.



Like 4K, QLED is also a cutting-edge technology. It exists in competition with LG’s OLED range, but both technologies serve similar purposes – to provide viewers with richer colours more true to real life. The benefits of a QLED screen is that they offer similar levels of beauty in colour-range to an OLED TV, but they are less prone to screen burn.

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4K TVs

Samsung’s 4K TVs offer brilliant picture definition. ‘4K’ refers to the number of lines of pixels going across the screen, and the more pixels there are the sharper the content is going to look. 4K content is available as Blu-Ray discs and on various streaming services currently. Like all new technology, it has a bit of a price tag but one day this brilliant technology will be commonplace in most homes.

For now, 4K TVs are a brilliant luxury that many individuals are willing to save up for. Samsung have produced 4K TVs in many sizes, enabling you to find the TV that is perfect for your living room experience.


Smart TVs

To access streaming content, you’ll first need a smart TV or some form of equipment that will allow you to connect a computer to your television. If you’re connecting a computer to your TV, you’ll quickly find that the process looks quite messy, involves a few wires and can be a bit confusing. When you use a smart TV, however, finding that new content is easy.

Samsung’s smart TVs give their buyers easy access to a range of smart apps, as well as a shop where you can purchase more apps to make your television experience more personal than it ever was before.

Samsung’s app shop is user-friendly and enables users to find exactly what they need.


Compatibility with the Home

Did you know that Samsung produces more than just televisions? This brand produces a range of handy electronics, and now that more people are investing in the smart technology revolution, Samsung’s smart TVs are now a more integral part of households than they ever were before.

You can purchase a range of smart equipment for around your home that you can sync up with your television, and even control it from there! Examples include the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator which allows you to check the contents of your fridge from the sofa in your television room.


If you’re investing in a new Samsung branded cheap LED TV, we would recommend looking into surround sounds, ambilighting, and wall brackets to create a fully cinematic experience. If you have any questions regarding the compatibility between specific products, we recommend that you get in touch with a member of our team who are on hand to help you out.

Our personal shoppers will be happy to use their vast knowledge and experience to provide you with advice on buying the best television for your exact needs and budget. Additionally, if you would like any more information about the cheap TV deals we offer, including our impressive smart HD TV deals, please don't hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team today.