TV Table or TV Bracket – Which Is Right For My Home?

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On average, people across the UK watch over 19 hours of TV every week – and that figure isn’t including time watching streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. During those hours of watching TV, it’s absolutely vital that the viewer feels as comfortable as possible, from the seating set up right through to where the TV is placed. After all, 19 hours each week is a long time to be uncomfortable!

In this article, we will give you some of our top tips for choosing the perfect TV table or bracket so you can sit back in complete comfort and enjoy your viewing experience each and every day.

TV Stands

TV stands have long been a staple of the living room of homes across the UK, offering great storage space and a focal point for the room – TV stands are a fantastic option for any home.

Generally speaking, your TV stand should always be a few inches wider than the base of your TV – this allows some space on either side of the stand and will help your stand look less cluttered.

Of course, TV stands come in all shapes and sizes – which inevitably means they wildly vary in price depending on the size and materials used within the stand itself.

TV Stand

Advantages of TV Stands

  • Storage Space – Most TV stands come armed with a lot of storage space – this can be particularly useful for homeowners who are short on storage space in their living room. Gone are the days of wondering where you should store your collection of favourite DVDs!
  • Conceal Cables – No homeowner wants to see a huge tangle of wires sticking out from behind their TV and investing in a TV stand can help to alleviate this problem. Simply hide all of the cables behind the newly installed TV stand and never worry about the mess again.
  • Easy Access to Cables and Sockets – If you are constantly removing cables from the back of your TV, for example, moving a games console or DVD player to another TV, then purchasing a TV stand may be your best choice. Providing easy access to the cables and sockets at the back of your TV, a TV stand gives you the flexibility to simply change cables as you please.
  • Move As Frequently As You Wish – If you are the type of person who just loves to move furniture around on a regular basis, then a TV stand is definitely for you. Easy to move and install elsewhere, TV stands offer homeowners fantastic flexibility as you can move them as frequently as you like.

What TV Stand Is Right For My TV?

Below we have calculated the minimum TV stand size you will need for some of the most popular TV sizes available on the market today:

Cheap 32 Inch TVs – Whilst 32 inch TVs can fit almost anywhere, you will want to invest in a TV stand that is at least 30 inches wide to make the most of the TV viewing experience.

Cheap 43 Inch TVs – A TV stand sitting around 45 inches wide or bigger should be more than big enough to fit a 43 inch TV.

Cheap 49 Inch TVs – The vast majority of homeowners in the UK will own a 49 inch TV, and this usually requires a TV stand measuring at least 50 inches wide.

Cheap 55 Inch TVsOnce TVs begin to be over the size of 55 inches, we would suggest investing in a significantly larger TV stand. A TV stand measuring in at around 75 inches wide will offer a clean aesthetic, without the TV area looking cluttered.

Cheap 65 Inch TVs – Same as above, we would suggest a much larger TV stand for any TV over 55 inches – so do try and aim for an especially large unit, at least 75 inches across.

TV Stand Living Room

Wall Mounted TV

In recent years, more homeowners have turned to wall-mounted TVs over the classic TV stand – this is mainly down to limitations on space within the home, as well as buyers looking to instil a more modern aesthetic into their home.

With wall-mounted TVs currently available from as little as £15 – it’s easy to see why they are becoming so popular, offering a cost-effective solution to watching TV in complete comfort.

Mounted TV

Advantages of Wall-Mounted TVs

  • Space Saving – the biggest advantage you will gain from installing a wall bracket for your TV is saving a considerable amount of space. If you are looking to install a TV into a room short on space, wall brackets are a fantastic option.
  • Optimal Viewing Distance – Thanks to being easily manoeuvrable, wall-mounted TVs make it much easier to achieve an optimal viewing distance within any home. You can expect to reduce the chances of eye and neck strain by simply installing your TV on a wall mount.
  • Modern Aesthetic – Without the need for a TV stand, your TV will become the focal point of the room, boasting clean-cut edges and a modern aesthetic.
  • Simple Installation – Contrary to popular belief, TV wall brackets are actually a lot simpler to install than you may believe. Most modern TV mounts and brackets take around an hour to set up, and all come with handy step-by-step guides and access to how-to videos that can be quickly found online. It’s also worth noting that you will usually find information on the type of wall bracket required for your TV on the box.

Wall Mounted TV
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