5 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Buy a Smart TV Today

Smart TVs are an integral part of the future of television, just like virtual reality. They are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and with more features that appeal to viewers. Because of this, many households in the UK have now invested … Continue reading

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Top 5 Movies to Watch in 4K

4K isn’t as rare as it used to be and we are seeing this technology popping up in homes everywhere, but sometimes it can seem difficult to find content to enjoy on your television. However, while some people think 4K … Continue reading

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The Rise of Binge Watching: A New Way of Watching TV?

Televisions have been a part of the family for decades, providing hours of entertainment and fun. Watching television has been linked to a family event due to how expensive they used to be; a central television in the living room … Continue reading

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What is 4K Technology and Why You Should Get It

TV technology has advanced incredibly fast, with new and improved ways to watch all of your favourite films or play the latest games become more widely available every day. You’ve probably heard all about HD and 4K before but, with … Continue reading

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Most Anticipated Book to Film Adaptations (2017)

2017 has been another fantastic year for the film industry. We’ve seen the success of blockbusters such as Wonder Woman and Beauty and the Beast, but it has also been a great year for all of the book lovers out … Continue reading

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Buying a TV in 2017: What to Look For

Buying a TV can be overwhelming, as modern ones have a wide variety of new features that might make you wonder what to get. With different prices, resolutions, and TV screen sizes to choose from, it can be difficult to … Continue reading

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The Best 3D Movies to Watch at Home

3D movies have been intriguing audiences for years. While there have been many attempts through the decades to refresh the use of 3D, it has only recently started to gain mainstream appeal. 3D technology has brought new life to movies, … Continue reading

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Top Smart TV App Movie Picks July 2017

With a Smart TV, you have your pick on movie night in your house, and during July some of the best movies are being presented on our own personal cinema screens. So, grab your popcorn, some friends and gather together … Continue reading

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Technology That Didn’t Catch On – Part 2

Every year technology seems to be evolving and improving, with new inventions paving the way for the future. It’s easy to remember technology that has been successful, such as the computer or the iPad, but are you aware of some … Continue reading

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Are You a Serious TV Watcher?

Is there a difference between one television viewer and the next? According to LG, there is a significant difference between the serious TV watcher and the more casual. For those, they class as a serious watcher the rewards are great; … Continue reading

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