Sony’s Perfect-for-PS5 Line up of TVs

Sony has many fingers in many pies, but for gamers, Sony’s biggest accomplishment was its PlayStation, which was first introduced in 1994. Upon release, the Playstation was the first video game console to sell more than 100 million units worldwide, making it the most successful gaming platforms of all time. After 30 years of excellence with the console, Sony finally seized the opportunity to optimise the gaming experience by creating a series of TVs manufactured to work perfectly with the latest gaming console—the PlayStation 5.

With over 35 years of experience selling discount TVs, we explore the latest technology and features that make the Sony Bravia XR collection of TVs the best device for PlayStation Gamers.

The Sony Bravia XR Range

Although Sony has a great selection of sony Bravia TVs, which offer some great on-screen images and motion, there is something a little bit special about the Sony Bravia XR series of TVs. Not only does it feature some of the latest technology which Sony has to offer in their devices, but it has been specifically designed to work in unison with the PlayStation 5. Sony has included two exclusive features to make gaming with a PS% an immersive experience like no other- Auto HDR Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode.

Although the Sony Bravia XR series does include a range of functions and technology to offer the best quality video and audio, these two skills are essential for having the perfect gaming set-up for the PlayStation. The XR series was the flagship device to bring these technologies to light, which subsequently followed across all Bravia TVs by the end of 2021 as updates to the existing software.

What Is Auto HDR Mapping?

Auto HDR Mapping aims to increase the visual quality of an image to improve the viewing experience for users. HDR is a standard image format found in most modern devices with a screen or image-capturing technology (such as cameras) and stands for High Dynamic Range. Sony has developed Auto HDR Mapping to analyse the content being asked to display and will automatically adjust the brightness, contrast and colour of the image to optimise the viewing experience of the scene.

The AI processing chip in the XR series will evaluate individual scenes in real-time and adjust brightness and contrast levels based on the scene’s intended focus. This process helps viewers to experience the images in the highest quality and clarity possible and enhances the colour to provide vibrant and life-like scenes. This is essential for gaming and enriches games to provide a much more immersive experience for the user, creating an ultimate gaming set-up.

What Is Auto Genre Picture Mode?

Adjusting the settings based on the performance of the platform you are using can be fiddly and time-consuming without the knowledge of how each of the settings works. It often results in users adjusting by trial and error. However, to make gaming much more seamless, Sony has introduced Auto Genre Picture Mode within its XR series of TVs. This technology makes it much more straightforward to experience various genres without the need to be delving in and out of the setting of your TV each time you decide to switch platforms.

Auto Genre Picture Mode will automatically adjust the brightness, contrast and colour to optimise depending on what the user is watching. So, when you select the HDMI for your PlayStation, the X1 processing chip will recognise the console and the intended use. The device will then automatically adjust the settings to provide the best picture suited for the game you are playing. For example, suppose you were watching a film. The TV will alter the colour temperature to make the image warmer, the blacks more profound, and the scene more cinematic. Whereas when you switch to using your Playstation, it will increase the frame refresh rate to help minimise the motion blur for fast-action gaming. This feature significantly improves the quality of the displayed image without manually adjusting. Additionally, these modes can be pre-adjusted manually for customisation, so the chip will save the desired settings for each genre and will adjust when it recognises the change in platforms, even if you are using the downloadable streaming apps from your device and not from the apps on your TV.

Other Features of the XR Series Designed for Gaming

Sony has put some incredible technology in their XR series of smart TVs. One significant upgrade is the use of speakers within their devices. The industry standard for speakers in a Tv usually means they fall around the sides of the casing, often protruding from the rear of the device., However, Sony has thought outside the box with their Acoustic Multi-Audio technology. Instead of using the traditional positioning of the speakers, their Acoustic Multi-Audio technology includes sound positioning tweeters to ensure high-frequency sounds come from the right place in the scene. This feature allows you to hear the dialogue, music and other audio elements from the direction in which the scene intends them to come from. This technology is excellent for immersive gaming as it makes the environment on screen feel much more accurate to the gamer. You can hear gunshots from the direction they have come from, sirens from where they are approaching and cheers from stadiums around the pitch.

In addition to this innovative thinking, there have also been significant upgrades to Voice Zoom 2. This feature enhances the dialogue present within a scene to separate it from the rest of the scene. By doing this, Sony’s audio technology can make conversations in busy environments much more apparent. For example, if you are under fire and being instructed by an NPC, their dialogue will be much easier to understand and react to.

XR Motion is another feature of the Sony Bravia XR series to aid in creating the optimum gaming experience. The Cognitive Processor XR and XR Motion Clarity analyse motion across several frames to ensure smooth, bright, and clear action. So, no matter how fast the car chase, football game, or adventure is, the blur is reduced to a rate almost undetectable, making you feel part of the action like never before.

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