How to Create a Great Family Movie Night this Christmas

christmas movie night

As we rapidly head towards the Christmas season, there’s one thing that many of us look forward to: family movie night!

With the family getting together at Christmas, there’s no better time to break out those feel-good family films, settle in, grab some snacks, kick back and watch. While movie nights are the perfect way to relax in the evening after a day of opening presents and overeating, they can take a bit of preparation to ensure everything is just right.

Here are our top tips for how to host the perfect family movie night this Christmas.

Set the Scene

Before you can get started, you need to create the right kind of atmosphere for a family movie night. Sure, you could just sit on the sofa together and stick on a film, but where’s the fun in that? Family movie nights are all about getting creative with cushions, blankets and pillows.

Consider building some kind of blanket fort over your sofa for all of you to snuggle under while watching. Or, perhaps, you could drag a mattress into the living room to put on the floor for the children to lie on like a living room sleepover. Even just a few blankets over everyone’s laps can help create a warm, snuggly atmosphere ready to enjoy those family films.

Don’t forget to dim the lights. Switch off the main light for a true cinematic experience. Or, if you have fairy lights, string them up around the room so they can tinkle away in the background while you settle in for the evening.

couple is having a christmas movie night

Prepare the Snacks

Even though you might be full from turkey and potatoes, snacks are still an essential part of any family movie night. You’ll likely have plenty of boxes of chocolates and biscuits lying around this holiday season, so make sure you have a couple laid out and ready for snacking on once the film starts.

Remember, no one likes interruptions during a film, so consider bringing a cooler of drinks into the living room before you start to top up your drink without having to miss anything. Get the kids set up with mugs of hot chocolate (don’t forget the marshmallows) while you and your partner settle back with a nice glass of Prosecco; you’ve earned it.

family setting up a christmas movie night

Pyjamas On

Pyjamas are a must when it comes to family movie night. There is just something so appealing about cuddling up together in your pyjamas – it’ll also mean that you can put the kids straight to bed once the film is finished!

Get everyone into their PJs before the film starts and get ready to snuggle in. Bonus points if you all wear those matching pyjamas Grandma got you for Christmas this year.

family on sofa ready to watch tv

Choose the Right Film

So you’ve got the snacks, the blankets and you’re curled up in your PJs, but what do you watch? There are so many great Christmas classics and family films to choose from. You can break out your beloved DVDs, or you can choose from thousands of movies on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. With so much choice available, what do you pick?

Your kids will likely have some ideas of their own. But if you don’t want to watch the film that they’ve been obsessing over for the last month for the millionth time, here are some great family-friendly films that are perfect for a Christmas family movie night:

– Paddington

– Onward

– Mary Poppins

– The Princess Bride

– How to Train Your Dragon

– The Parent Trap

– Back to the Future

– Mrs Doubtfire

– Jumanji

– The Lego Batman Movie

– Home Alone

– Klaus

– Nativity!

– Elf

– Jack Frost

– Toy Story

Choose the Right TV

The TV is a crucial part of the family film experience. You need a TV set with the right size screen, excellent resolution and a sound system that will ensure all the film’s music, sound effects and dialogue are crisp and clear. 4K TVs are ideal for family film nights, providing a sharp, high-quality picture that will completely immerse you in the movie.


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