Spotlight on: OLED Technology

Televisions are constantly developing, especially when it comes to the things that you can do on a television; it only seems like a few months ago that the first smart televisions were released to the public!

Currently, the televisions that are at the top of their game are 4K televisions, as they have some of the clearest displays possible. However, there is a technology that helps these televisions be at the forefront of modern televisions; OLED technology. But what is OLED technology?

Is It Similar to LED?

There are two prominent differences between LED and OLED technology; one is the additional ‘O’, and the other is how they are used within televisions.

The ‘O’ in OLED stands for organic. This means that the light-emitting diode is a film of an organic compound that is then ionised by electrical currents and produces light. This is useful, as it means that the screen is incredibly thin, as it simply consists of multiple layers of organic compounds, electrodes, and substrates.

Because of how LEDs work, they are generally used as a backlight for the television display. However, OLEDs are within the actual display, meaning that there is no backlight; therefore, OLED televisions are also some of the thinnest in the world.

What Are the Benefits of OLED Technology?

The main benefit of OLED technology is that it doesn’t require a backlight to function, whereas televisions such as LEDs and LCDs do. This means that fewer resources are used during the manufacturing process, which is better for the environment and it is also a more efficient method of light emission.

Another benefit is that the OLED pixels emit light directly as opposed to an external source, such as a standard LED, emitting the light. This means that the viewing angle of OLED televisions is much wider and the colour and contrast of the images are maintained to as far as 90 degrees from the centre of the television, making it perfect for the living room environment.

Will It Be the Future of Televisions?

Currently, OLED TVs are one of the most popular televisions that are available on the market, as the displays are some of the clearest the world has ever seen. However, because of the continual development of technology, there are new technologies that are being introduced that rival OLED displays already.

One such technology is QLED, or Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode, technology, which uses the principles of quantum mechanics to produce an even clearer display compared to OLED TVs. However, since QLED technology is relatively new, QLED TVs aren’t being sold yet, but Samsung has made their statement with the announcement of the Q7, Q8C, and Q9F televisions.

Currently, OLED TVs and 4K TVs are the best you can get and, because they have been available for a while, it means that you are likely to get some great deals for them. Why not check out our amazing deals for 4K TVs today!

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